Cuban Habanero Sandwich Wrap

Our Zack's Habanero Pepper Jelly is joined with pork loin, ham, pickles and banana peppers for this mighty tasty wrap.

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  • 1 package Flour tortillas
  • Zack's Habanero Pepper Jelly
  • Pork loin, roasted, thinly sliced
  • Ham, thinly sliced
  • Dill or sweet pickles, sliced
  • Banana peppers, sliced, optional


  1. Spread out a few flour tortillas. Spread a generous layer of Habanero Pepper Jelly over tortilla leaving 1 inch edge uncovered around entire tortilla. Place some sliced pork on top. Layer some thinly sliced ham on top of pork.
  2. Add some sliced pickles and banana peppers. Tuck in sides of tortilla and roll up like a cigar to form a wrap sandwich.
  3. Slice in half on a diagonal and serve.