Strawberry Jam Donut Bites

Strawberry Jam Donut Bites

Simply simple donuts. 


Roll pieces of dough sheet into small balls. 

In a medium pot add a cup or two of vegetable oil and bring to high heat. Using a large (preferably long handled) slotted spoon, drop 3 - 4 dough balls into heated oil to fry for approx 2 - 3 minutes or until golden brown (be sure to turn dough balls once or twice). Remove donuts from oil and allow excess oil to drain off from spoon. Repeat process until all dough balls have been fried. Let cool.

In a small mixing bowl combine jam, powdered sugar and milk until smooth. 

Coat donuts in mixture. *You can coat the entire donut, half of the donut or simply drizzle over top.