Like any true Southerner, we love a good story.

We're the Weeks family.

Our story may involve food...

but it's the family part that matters the most. Today, Southern City Flavors is a full family run endeavor, but our story truly began generations ago.

Our roots run deep.

Mamaw & Papaw (grandparents to our patriarch, Mike Weeks) were no strangers to hard work. Every day at 3am, well before the sun had a chance to slip a few rays over the horizon, Mamaw & Papaw would meander through the farm to their cows. Diligently milking each & every one. Once the day's early morning job was almost complete Mamaw would without fail, head back to the house to cook breakfast. Most days it was bacon, eggs and homemade biscuits & gravy. A daily breakfast meant for so much more than just nourishment. Memories were made, hard work was rewarded and family time was cherished.

Then, there's Nana's love for serrano peppers, Dad's (name) passion for serving up delicious BBQ to his church family, and friends encouraging joy filled cooking competitions. All little, but impactful instances that Mike (affectionately named G-Daddy by our family) would unknowingly be formed by.

Memphis in May World Grand Champion

"I'm not a trained chef. I'm just a good ole country boy that grew up on a farm, learning to cook from family and friends and somehow 25 years later I started Southern City Flavors." - Mike Weeks

But, that good ole country boy can make some delicious BBQ Sauce.

More than 20 years ago, Mike made the rounds at a few BBQ competitions. Enjoying time spent with friends, devouring some of the best BBQ and making memories that would last a lifetime. His delicious BBQ sauce recipe would eventually earn him the coveted title of Memphis in May World Grand Champion. The award mixed with a little encouragement from friends gave Mike the nudge he needed and just months later Southern City Flavors was born.

The Grit Man

Southern City Flavors had small beginnings, serving up just 6 finger-licking good BBQ sauces. But, throughout the years, Mike's genuine passion for making high quality foods allowed him to see all of delicious recipes from family and friends that he had unknowingly stored in the back pocket of his worn jeans.

It was the desire to share those cherished recipes while also producing the best products possible that let Mike expand his product line and to cultivate authentic relationships with his customers - turning them into family, not just another number. It was those same customers that lovingly named Mike "The Grit Man" because of Mike's ability to make what they deemed the best tasting grits around. Today Mike looks back on those memories and early customers fondly, striving to create just as many wonderful relationships with his customers as he did then.


As a family we could not be any prouder of our origins. What stemmed from a love of good eats and good memories has turned into an even bigger desire to share Southern made products based on family recipes and natural food the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

It's our desire to help you enjoy time at home with your family, creating memories that will impact generations to come.

So, from our family to yours - welcome! We're so happy you're here.